Online Training

Online training increased in popularity during the Corona Virus outbreak with many people deciding to continue with this type of training going forward. Many of my clients discovered they still got the personalised attention and support but it also cut down on the time required to workout and still gave them the same excellent results.

I offer three forms of online training.

1-1 Personal Training, HIIT and Pilates

This training is via FaceTime, WhatsApp video call, Messenger or Zoom and is live training with me. I can still encourage, support, motivate and correct you as I would in the studio but you get to hang up at the end and you are home and can continue your day straight away, no travelling time or costs or worrying about what to wear or having time to brush your hair first.

My normal 1-1 rates apply. Click here for price list

Group Classes

This form of training is via pre recorded workouts available in private facebook groups or emailed directly to your inbox. The advantage of this is that you get to train with me, whenever you like, wherever you like and how ever often you like. There are no set times and definitely no dress code!

I offer 2 online class packages:

Bronze Pilates: 1 Pilates class per week. £5

Gold Classes: 2 HIIT and 1 Pilates Class per week. Only £15!

All packages are payable in 4 week blocks.

Please contact me for more details or for a no obligation trial session.

Still not sure? Read these real life testimonials below, from my lovely clients who stuck with me online through the whole of lockdown and have achieved amazing results!

You’re amazing Sarah, I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long working solo. You keep me coming back for more, even on days I’m not feeling it xx –

Mandy Jones

I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to share some success with you. Today I weighed myself and I have lost a whole stone! That’s the best weight loss I’ve ever achieved and it is pretty much entirely down to this exercise regime. And I feel much better and fitter! So, thank you Sarah! I really couldn’t have achieved this without you. Now to get to work on the next stone!