5 reasons why burpees are my favourite exercise

For those of you who attend my classes you will know that I love including burpees at every opportunity, here are 5 reasons why:

  1. They give a full body workout, upper body, lower body and core!
  2. They speed up metabolism, helping you to burn calories whilst at rest
  3. They get your heart pumping which will help improve overall fitness, from climbing the stairs to running and biking
  4. They can be done anywhere, no equipment needed
  5. They are quick to do and can be tagged on to the end of a workout or done on their own before you start your day, just be sure to do a little warm up first..


How to do a burpee..

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands by your side

  1. Lower body down so that knees are bent and hands are on the ground in front of your feet, shift your weight on to your hands
  2. Jump your feet back keeping your back straight and bottom down, you should now be in full plank position
  3. Jump your feet back towards your hands
  4. Jump up into the air reaching your hands up and clapping at the top
  5. Land and immediately squat down to repeat

Для ИнтернетаKeep your core tight throughout this move to protect your back and to work the abs a little harder.

Burpees can be slowed down by walking feet back one at a time and back in, rather than jumping. They can also be made harder by doing a push up from plank position then add a tuck jump at the top of the movement!


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